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This weblog displays videos created by video makers around the world, using songs from The White Cube Remix, a sound installation of 94 remixes and 2 original samples which will be among the featured exhibits at the Ram Galleri in Oslo, Norway.

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The White Cube Remix

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


You can now watch the opening of The White Cube Remix at RAM Galleri's blip.tv page. Here., which contains other great video about the anniversary art exhibit.

The combination of skype video of inter-continental video interviews and the Oslo attendees singing a traditional anniversary song makes for a nice juxtaposition.

Here is the RAM Gallery opening video from that page, featuring mixters Sackjo22, Spinningmerkaba, Snowflake, St. Paul, and Gurdonark, along with Rolf Gerstlauer, curator of the exhibit, and Kristine Fresvig, manager of the RAM Gallery:

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